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We are Adipro International Corporation.

About Our Products

Partner with us for top-tier lubricant additives and oilfield chemicals. Our offices in the US, India, Hong Kong, and Nigeria, anchor a global distribution network.

Our component manufacturing plant in India produces ZDDP, dispersants, detergents, and more, backed by our expert R&D team. We have an exclusive technical and channel partnership with CES Energy Solutions to produce cutting edge chemistry for the oil producing sector in India, Africa & the UAE.

Our ultimate purpose is to create environments that permits the shift in collective consciousness of businesses & the communities in which they operate, to one that is sustainable & responsible in the long run.

We will live up to our values, walk the talk, serve as an example to many and by doing so we will co-create an inspiring place to contribute, to stay, to grow and to care.


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Global Affiliations

Adipro USA takes immense pride in its membership with the Independent Lubricant Manufacturing Association and has achieved remarkable progress in the North American Market.

Adipro is the title sponsor of International Lubricants Conference. ILC is a series of online free conferences that connects manufactures, buyers and other critical stakeholders in the lubricant industry.

Adipro India is a member of the Asian Lubricants Industry Association. Our manufacturing plant produces clean chemistry, enabling best-in-class packages for mid-tier and high-tier applications.

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Browse are curated range of lubricant additives and oilfield speciality chemicals. Discover why industry leaders trust Adipro.

Over the next 5 years, our goal is to positively impact the lives of more than 50,000 girls throughout Nigeria. Already, we've made a meaningful difference in the lives of over 15,000 school girls across 35 schools in 9 states.

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