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Passenger Car Motor Oil Additives

GR 6082 (API SP/GF-6)

ADIPRO® GR 6082 is formulated with detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, friction modifier and other components. It passed all required tests of API SP and ILSAC

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GA 6081 (API SP)

ADIPRO® GA 6081 is a product designed to meet API SP requirements, at the same time effectively lower the LSPI possibility in turbocharging and increase

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GX 6855 (API SM & SN)

ADIPRO® GX 6855 package is a highly detergent additive package possessing excellent thermal oxidation stability characteristics. It has been developed to fulfill the severe requirements

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GR 7162 (API SL/CF)

ADIPRO® GR 7162 is an additive package used for formulating economical SL/CF engine oils. It is a Mutipurpose Engine Oil Additive and is normally handled

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