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Adipro Global Technology Centre

Since its inception, ADIPRO has steadfastly championed innovation, placing scientific research and product development at its core. Specializing in lubricant additives and diverse chemicals, our formidable research team is committed to continuous innovation. This dedication elevates our technological prowess, solidifying ADIPRO’s competitive edge in the industry.

Adipro Global Technology Centre (AGTC)

Adipro’s Global Technology Centre is expanding in Q2 2024 in Sarigam, India. This state-of-the-art research & testing facility will be adding 2 more dedicated floors to cater for additional performance test.

Four Ball Weld Load, Wear, KRL Shear Stability |⁠ ⁠PDSC – ThinFilm Oxidation Stability | ⁠Panel Cocker – Detergency | ⁠TEOST Oxidation Test | ⁠HTCBT | Salt Spay | ⁠Bosch Pump | ⁠KRL Shear Stability Tester | Oxidation Stability of Mineral Insulating Oil | ⁠FZG

Adipro Africa Technology Centre (AATC)

Expansion in Additive Production in Nigeria

We are expanding our production facilities in Lagos, Nigeria which will be ready by the end of Q2 2024 – enhancing our capacity and offering West Africa cost advantages & local currency invoicing. 
Adipro PG Labs
Adipro PG Labs, Adipro Technology Center, has developed and equipped a standard production chemistry laboratory accredited on ISO 17025. Adipro PG labs is also a member of ASTM round robin test lab and registers with the institute of Public Analysis of Nigeria (IPAN) for provision of analytical services, product development for site-specific purposes and to meet all the quality control and quality assurance needs for all our activities. Furthermore, Adipro & PEARL have access to CES Energy Solution’s R&D laboratory facilities as well as domain expertise for specialized test work and solution development.


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ADIPRO is committed to advancing our technological innovation framework. By optimizing our R&D processes for new products and technologies, we aim to enhance our product portfolio’s technological depth and add value. Our focus on refining innovation incentives, bolstering tech-driven investments, and amplifying the efficacy of our innovations fortifies our core competitive edge, paving the way for the company’s sustainable future growth.